Poems by Feroz Shah

Poems by Feroz Shah

[Translated by Mujib Rahman]


From railway line
I brought a stone home

Hearing the sound of a running train

The stone opened the door
And made its way towards the railway line.


Leaving the sky

A Shalik perches on a banana leaf

With tired beaks
It puts off its own wings

Putting on the wings of the Shalik
The plantain tree is flying towards the sky.

( Shalik – a kind of yellow-breasted singing bird)

Full stop

I had been standing for ages
At the full stop

Looking around
In search of fish

Diving as a kingfisher
With an empty beak
Flying towards the sky

Like a piece of clod broken from the shore

The full stop is falling into water.

Pleasure tree

There is a pleasure- tree
In the paisa

Every time it changes hands
A flower blooms

It gives out white fragrance.


A dropped apple

Digs its own grave
Rolls down and buries itself

Brother apple sister apple

Standing at a safe distance
They watch

Their dear one is going towards life.