Poems by- Fahmina Noor

Poems by-  Fahmina Noor

The Collapse

The sun never sets
as it never rises.
The sad shooting star
Happy Hallye’s comet and
Dwarf human gather
with huge dream and desire.
They burn themselves brutally
Further, further, further..
Furthering ashes-
For all the desires written
in the early- slates.

The rings around the saturn
Shattered into pieces
and orbit runs like a treadmill.
In search of solace-
The tilted browny earth gradually
turns into furnace.
The flamy moon-lit-night
Struggles against it’s bizarre will.
When it calms down after a fight
against the desire it salivates for,
We all came to know –
There is always a reason
hidden after the sixth season.

The Chosen

Morning sings the brightest song
with the soul of peacefulness;
No one cares for more or less
as they find there nothing wrong.

The sun is kept in a new casket,
The casket in the no man’s land.
It emits the burnished blue rays
Partly eaten by the crooked clan.

The swan breaks the faulty rules-
dipping into a dark babbling brook
when it steps onto the timid holes
forgetting about the sharpen hook.

Poisoned tongue when fell apart,
a finger sprang at a hard, stony tip.
Mute oracle reads from the poems
dancing madly on their broken rib.

Eyes were closed, hair grew grey
No one was rightly no one’s prey.
Fan and fume made them numb
Killer comes with upright thumb.

Someone burns the Bunny-house
setting ink fire with envious share;
At the mouth of the rolling tunnel
here he stands still, a damn a dare!

At the holllow where she had been-
Lungs were covered with dewy sheen
The faces glow, the faces are burnt
and wholesome was a foolish hunt.

Passion fruits were not wisely ripen
somewhere in the husky mirage voice;
None can make it pure or perfect while
hardest tune becomes the only choice.

A Well of Salt

As I was going through winter, fogs and sufferings-
I saw an abandoned well in the mid-forest
I remember a stone-craft at a nearby place
That marked a question to eternal solace.

I carried a set of arrows just in case…
But never meant to make a bow for them.
I saw a pack of wolves, they were luminous
with their fiery eyes.
They were chained with each other
like we see-
‘The Seven Sins’ written in black and white
in The Old Testament.
They had a mission, they made a circle
around me.
I turned around to see the nearest one-
By any chance if there is any benignant soul
and discovered none.

I made a circle too around me with air and
falling leaves.
I wander in my dreams, strolled at a bleaky pavement.
I heard clattering of unknown birds and whisper of deceased slob.
I peeped into my soul I needed to ease.
I floated in my mother’s womb, dipped into
her heartbeat without a halt.
I closed my eyes and shut all possible windows.
I opened them again to see where I am.
I found nothing but a well of salt.