Before submitting your writing to DASH— it is necessary to read and agree to the following:

To submit your writing please send—

  1. A profile/feature picture of yourself along with your writing. Please include your name, address and email.
  2. The material you have submitted should be unpublished, author’s own creative and/or well researched work. •
  3. Send three to five poems (If sending poems).
  4. One story/micro story/prose/book review etc. (English translations of any writing or a direct English writing) by email.
  5. Nominated writings will be published within two months.
  6. The date of publication of Dash— will be informed in advance on the Facebook page / Facebook ID of Dash.
  7. Dashwebmag— assumes permission to publish self-written writing sent in Bengali and English as per the author’s wishes and is published.
  8. Dash— is not paying for published writing at the moment.
  9. The thoughts and words of ​​published writing is entirely the author’s own.

• Submissions email:

• The last date of submission is 25th of every month.