Poems by Ahmed Jamil

Poems by Ahmed Jamil


I am in quest of peace
I am search of heavenly bliss
I have gone to the bosnia
From one corner to another
The great serbs commit great murder
They catch the muslim to slaughther
I visited africa to see human rights
I found there fights of black & white
I move for the united states
Mutual hatred and civil strife
Made miserable human life
There no peace mountain
I heard the sound of pain
Oh God,where is peace and tranquilities
Human being lost their qualities
Men have become ferocious
Oh God! you are full of peace
Shower in us heavenly bliss.

PassPort To Peace

Peace is a matter of conversation
It goes in papers and publication
It comes to all seminar and sittings
It comes to language in the meetings
The word peace is a great cheat
Arms bring money through it
Arms build under cover of peace
Keeping fighting without miss
Good market are the poor countries
Hungry people are found in bounties
Bullet is more important than rice
Arms are bought at high price
Arms are not killers, killers are builder
Leader, Scientist and its producers
My passport to peace has been cancelled
I return to hell being compelled.

Lost Memory

A few books of mine and literature
How long they will remember
The lover of literature of this city
Made with me no treaty
They will sell my books to the hawkers
Price will be paid according the seers
I will be forgotten keeping no memory
They will forget my life story
My books will be imprisoned in the show case
They will be eaten by insects page by page.