Poems by Gayatri Devi Borthakur

Poems by Gayatri Devi Borthakur

Longed Democracy

To sprout like a tree
She befriended the Sun

To reflect the sky touching history of Eucalyptus in her heart
She longed for the green of Springs

She, with a desire to compose the worthy seed of democracy ,
Cracked the enclosures of firm stones

Prolonged the myths of the rivers

Every sunset too
has its own meaningful beauty
And so
She folded all her furrowed sorrows ,
Consciously …

An unsolved Poetry

With a desire to capture the Sun in the forehead ,
Keeping own identity in pawn ,
Once time became river

What else have to do !

Covering the heart of the mirror
Awoke a hazy image of reflection

In the island of greenery
Grew a demanding seed hope

Now for coolness
I am the excursionist of the tavern
Being the one going through the oblations
Use to sing the song of purity

With the make up
Too use to cover the emotion of the dealing tears

In the Nihilism of the solar system
I can see the advertisement of a terrorist

An image of cremation plays the Violin in the whistling desire of Cupid

O tento sama*
This is like the endless journey of a sun-bathed partridge
In search of a little sun-shine …

*The sun,in Japanese.


If there is not the force of gravity in the earth
I wouldn’t have became a cultivator
Now use to till every now and then

Unless the uterus of the earth is fertile
I would have practiced the tune of solitary
Wouldn’t have planned the seeds of emotions

If there is not the quality of tolerance in the bosom of the earth
I perhaps would have sang the song of grief

Now I exist
As the loyal devotee of her

The existing entity within the supreme entity
Me ,the best mercenary …


When the heart of anyone acts measurably
My establishment wants to weep loudly
When the curtain of anyone raises unconsciously
My emotion,at once,wants to be senseless
And when any one removes the mask of own,willingly
I coincidentally remember the one line of my father
“Life is a big stage”-you always should be the active character
to be in…