Poems by Kazi Sadia Tabassum Hoque Jaky

Poems by Kazi Sadia Tabassum Hoque Jaky

The Crisis

I’ve been up the river of mistakes,
Where forgiveness is never seen.
Judgments are always harsh,
The world forever treats you mean.

I’ve hiked up the mountain of filth,
Where infestation loved to breed.
Choose your poison carefully,
Recover any blood you bleed.

Dear mother has always said,
“You are the apple of my eye!”
Now that her world is torn apart,
I’m sitting here listening to her
Dear heart cries.

But now that it is too late,
I have seen-
My destiny and my fate!

Take a trip down memory lane

Its 07:55 here, in London.
Just another Monday at the office.
See the grey skies above the tired faces that rush to work.
The loud drilling sounds of the roadwork and traffic causing havoc.
However, even amid this hustle and bustle, my mind never fails to wander.
Most times, I don’t know where it goes…
But there is this one place, and today I want to take you with me.
To a place so far away, yet so close to my heart.
Hold my hand and follow me through the bamboo trees on a summer’s night.
With the help of this little dragon fly and its natural light
Come with me to the Meghna, where the white Water- Lilies flow
Or, to the Jamuna. That’s where you forget all your sorrows
Don’t hesitate to pick that mango off the tree
There are plenty for you, everybody and me.
Walk with me through the rainy season of ‘Borsha’.
When the girls wear blue and sew their hidden dreams onto a ‘Nakshi Knatha’
She is nature’s playground,
Search the world, but a motherland like mine can never be found.
From the ocean of greenery to the golden paddies.
Her beauty never ceases to charm me
I skip along, waving the flag tinted with red on green so proudly.
The sun is setting, and it’s time to get back.
Let me watch the sunset as I sit on this haystack…
Suddenly I’m awakened by the abrupt call of cockerels,
I look around and realise I was in a bubble.
It’s 16:25 pm here in London, and I just had a flashback
Heart feeling heavy, please take me back.