Poems by Sahriar Rubaiat

Poems by Sahriar Rubaiat

Disconsolate Arguments

Beloved city is burning.
Sparkle of passion breaking out like explosives
Into the roots of Fabaceae,
The ignorant air blows staidly late at night.
Now on the lips of poetry
Passage of prose sounds silently,
The inland of lonely life
Across the melancholy appearance.

The sonnets walk behind the acquainted lane
Fairy letters are manifest on attire.
Night glowworm is running over pungent dreams
Cover of sentence exciting thru breath constantly.
Yet in the middle of core, all happiness remains in stigma.

The arid crotchet of cornice looks with frost eyes.
Acquainted appearance flutters with arms
Like a humming bird.
Tidal waves rush ceaselessly on its knees
Fledgling words port the house in an anticipation of hail
Congenital thesaurus inundated into briny river.

Over there of the stone wall; volcano opened its eyes.
The heart is aching seeing the grim view of verse
Ah! Full moon will not arrive in the forbidden city!
Glacial is awaiting still-
Touching the eyes of dawn to twilight
And then adorning the proposal;
Tendered over to the chest of silk yarn.

In A Daze

The morning seems very old today
As the sun is just like one of ancient people.
The dead tree standing on the edge of the yard
Uprooted in the rain last night,
Now I can see its green life only in my imagination.

I sat for a long time on that archaic bench
Next to the crematorium.
Accustomed and habituated people have a sleep
Uninterrupted under the ground
Leaving the worldly life continually.

I will not go in that inflight
Where entity does not upsurge even for a single diurnal,
Even breaking the boundaries of privileges
Won’t go to the abyss and cavernous on the stormy night.
Where by burning everything,
The stunning cognizance has been torn apart incessantly.

The mind is drawn candidly
To the shores of the sand dunes,
By the uncertain overflow the midair agreed tacitly
As if all the happiness of apocalypse
Spread out in the firmament sapphire.

Incandescent Passion

That day; the clouds were unveiled
The sky came and stood on the shore of the sea.
What a pleasing subconscious reflection!
What a strange and hesitant here and there!
The lenient Rubai lies on the lap of adored heart
Like a warmed nectar of a radiant arrival.

On an aerated polar wall
Kunti came to Pandu in the form of cloud
At the secret convergence stealthily.
All are absolved with contented joy
Overwhelmed with pleasure on both sides of the Turag.

The cotton flowers blossomed in the twigs of words
In lamina, the inflight covered with membrane.
What an infinity…!
Anklets are knelling in the brimming heart
As it the flame is dancing into the enthralled passion!

The Divine came to earth overnight
Bestowed blessings by own prime.
The inamorato bows to love
Embrace the desire for reincarnation.
Into the promises of eternity together
Pandu takes Kunti in arms.