Poems by Golam Kibria Pinu

Poems by Golam Kibria Pinu

Translated by Siddique Mahmudur Rahman

Register again in the Liberation War

This is the country- where like thickened\d blood-like hydrogen
The clouds condensed and produced

A tide of astral deluge
The name of this astral deluge is enlightened Liberation War.

At the dawn of creation
There were a few balls of fire
Whose accumulated name was rebellious public
As if a museum of volcano
Boiling up in the horizon
Soaring up like bubbles of smokes
Concentrated clouds, clusters of clouds
Axe-like clouds – sand-storm
From there ascend up our dreamland.

In the miraculous chemical mixture
The population became frantic
A seven-faced hibiscus on the stone
A With extreme virtue
Pieces of snow-blocks dissolve
And turn into a cataract.

There was no difference in color
On any parts of the body, on the faces, necks, shoulders
Hands, legs, breasts or backs.
The same blood-stream flow on all the veins

Sounds of drums in the neurons of the brain

We didn’t had blindness
Even we were not one-eyed fawn
Our blood didn’t congealed
We never went away from each other in our troubled time
Out spines were erect
We didn’t fall apart
Blood flow remained normal
Even after blood-shed like streams
Heart-beat woke up with which chanting of mantra
We desired a longing
Shall not be chained subjugated- shall not be ruled by others
Nor shall be subordinated
Shall not become slaves- not be dependent
Laborious, arduous, with the testimony of the agriculturalists
Shall be liberated from the tyrants and move freely in our pastures
Shall live in the society devoid of inequality
We wanted to go in the path of non-violence
But couldn’t go
We had to remain in the revengeful way
Power-snatcher, war-trader, jingo, terrorist power
And Imperialist.
They couldn’t chain us in golden-cage
We became swans
Blue bird

From apathetic feelings
We wake up from the disinterred attitude
From doubtless manner
We engage in singing and dancing unabashed
From illusion-spell
We wake up with my own Cuckoo-song
From mental sufferings
We woke up from deep meditation
From dreadfulness
We woke up with boldness
From grief
I woke up with abundant vitality

And now
Which destruction we are induced into?
And now
Which tricky dialogue we have dipped into?
And now
Which ill-characteristics we have fallen into?
And now
Which weeping eyes we are into?

Our ever-illuminate Liberation War
Our pioneering Liberation War
Shall be distressed?
Shall loose its dazzling beauty
Shall not have its enlightenment
That fiery dazzleness
For which we could not light our little lamp?

It’s so dark
Its so shady-lightless
So gloomy, sightless
That there’s no dry twigs to kindle fire
The night descends – darkness-filled night

Come, let’s incorporate again with Liberation War
Come, let’s get attached again with Liberation War
Come, let’s germinate again with Liberation War
Come, let’s get produced again with Liberation War


Neighbor is scorched, why couldn’t we ask their wellbeing’s
Do we belong to honest sensibility?

We desire welfare of the state and of the head of the state
But we do not crave for Human beings around us!

We divide ourselves in the diversity of religion
We divide ourselves in the diversity of colour
We divide ourselves in the diversity of nationality
We divide ourselves in the diversity of caste.

Tribal-leaders take you in errant place in mistake
They instigate emotions in troubled areas
and make the problem more crucial
Inebriates a community showing blood of innocent child

The aristocrat, noble, Amirs, lords and peers
Never donate blood
Those live in slums donate blood
Those who live in coexistence and in sufferings

After learning the diversity of the discordant attitude of separatist power
The relationship of foes
The friend of closest affinity is murdered
For anger and wrath and finds shivelry
They create and increase crisis

Politicians of ruling power and members of state interest
He desire throne and kingship
Deep humanity falls below permafrost
Drags the season of war
Fiery border creates another border for the human beings
If anybody knocks at the door or rings the bell
They are hesitant in opening the door.

Heart-felt aching pain, today
The tails of the monkey falls apart and human grows a tail
That tail emits fire

Active animosity shatters habitat- houses-home,

How much benefit is for whose-
To fall in more cold wave as being crashed of drowned?
The blistered fates are spotted at the face of peace every moment.
How much omnivorous a war can be, is known in conscience!
War lovers dance at the kingdom of forest nudging others
for the probability of thundering.

Human lives in spite of being lived with the shores?
Where the war-crashed luck drags gunboat again and again?

How long the innocent human beings will lose their lives in conflicts,
Here, in India – in this subcontinent!

Living with the Horizon

Human has come out of the tunnel,
But, why he is being forced to enter in the tunnel again?
Human has come out from cave,
But, why he is been trusted in the tunnel again?
Human has come out of the crevice,
But why he is being forced into the crevice again?
Human has come out from the burnt house,
But why he is being forced to enter into the burnt house again?
Human has come forth & thrust into the repulsive environment,
But, why the he is being forced to enter into that environment again?
Human has come out of the silenced down-pit,
But, why then he is being forced to into the silenced world again?

It will be falsehood –
To live with the sunshine for a long times,
It will be dishonesty –
To live in the horizon long times,
It will be fraudulence –
To live in the lush green forest for long times,
It will be dishonesty –
To live with dancing cataract for long times,
It will be depressing –
To live with swinging full moon for long times,
It will be treachery –
To live with youthfulness for long times,
It will be betrayal –
To live with vigor for long times,
It will be disloyalty –
To live with perception for long times,

We are saved from disaster and catastrophe,
We have been able to live from extinction.
Though we have been in morgue in ultimate situation,
We have been able to live from death bed.
We have been able to live from psychology,
Not to become the rock ground of illiteracy.

Will we place our children
To the man-eaters ?
Will we place our fields and lands
To the blind – horses?
Will we place our gardens
To those wild dogs?
Will we place our seeds and seed beds |
To beetles and worms?
Will we place our heads and brain
To devouring ants?


How easily you’ve opened you up
To whom you’ve surrendered yourself?
Hadn’t you any choice?

Discarding your own wings
Where do you go walking?
To whom let yourself yielded?

Don’t you have any choice?
Don’t you have any liking?
Don’t you have any fondness?
Don’t you have any affection?
Don’t you have any warmth?
Don’t you dislike anything at all?
Don’t you have any refusal?

Half-closed drowsy eyes
Tightly shut lips
Remain confined to a lonely room
Sigh heaves out of your breast
Shedding tears like wailing
Portraying lamenting songs!
Even after that why do you get groomed?
And for whom do you get luminescent and radiant?

Wear slippers at your own will?
or free cloak
At one time you wear Maslin
or fine cloth—
Sometimes Benarasi
or velvet
Or sometimes fine woven cloth

You’ve many veins in your brain
Multicoloured illumination!
You are full of sensitivity
Prime knowledge- feelings – senses
You too can create seven melodies—
Why do you go far away from yourself!

Why are you so tolerant?
Why you are so hard-working?
Why do you so composed?
Why you are short of feelings

Why do you get imprisoned again and again
For whom you conceal yourself
Time and again why do you sacrifice yourself?

Fearful fluffy clouds are stuck
In which season
In which form do you remain?
Why your personality turn soiled in which Nature
You do not shed your leaves in the end of night?