Poems by Nirmalya Ghosh

Poems by Nirmalya Ghosh

The Promise

Your promise to stay with me
whole life
Made the backbone of my heart
Although it was for a few moments.
Even the heart has also a spine
I could
understand that day. Because,
it became Straight and erect.
The blood flow within the
Veins and arteries increased
ten times.
It gave me a rebirth destroying
all the blockages
of my heart like a tremendous and
forceful strong &
current flow of Water of a river….
Just like the natural memories of
each and every mysterious
rebirth of me with you darling…
In the atmosphere of unnatural


I am also moving ahead gradually
With that caterpillar…
With a hope or greed in mind that
If I could also get the unbelievable
Transformation like them…
Although I know, the slow and lazy
Movement of me is sufficient
enough for the
Prey of the human animals..
But, still, the butterfly makes the
dream see.

The Corona effect

Nobody knows the news of my
Open window of the chest…
Even not you…
Nobody knows the time when my
River touches its outlet….
Even not you dear…
Everybody looks at each other with
The doubtful eyes….
This seperation is not a seperation
At all… It’s a embracing… It’s a
Hugging from inside…
But, alas! nobody understands it…
This hiding is not that hiding…
This hiding is the way of upliftment
Towards a new immortal world..
The secret love failed…
But the deep fear of death succeeds..
To draw the picture of a world of
Equality…On the blue sky…
Beyond the religions, Beyond the
Beyond the colours of Black & white..
By Unrooting and Throwing away the
Borderlines of the countries.