Poems by Saleha Chowdhury

Poems by Saleha Chowdhury


A steaming samovar by the lake Baikal
On a deer driven sledge!
Whistling down a mountain path
Do you have to talk about age!

Serious Drama not Farce

An Ancient mariner killed the albatross
Desdemona lost a silken scarf!
They are all serious dramas
not farce.


Humanity and beauty do that to me
My eyes stupidly watery!

Close to me

They are here! stars and moon
On my fourteen inch colour telee.
A far away bassoon!

A Poem of Joy

Food, fun, loud music
People, stall, crowd
On a green field
I watch the ‘Bhangra’
Dance on the stage.
Dazzling dresses – ablaze!
Then I had to come home
Cold wind and my old back bone.
A message in telephone
Jot down a poem of Joy
We need for poetry magazine.
Joy! it was not in Today’s field
But I remeber a lonely path!
April’s first daffodil.