poems by Tapas Dey

poems by Tapas Dey

Circle of love

At first sight
I drew two dots apart
on a white page.

Then several times
I tried to make them stand
on a straight line.

But very strange!
oneday you drew more dots
on the same page.

Gradually you taught me
how to draw a circle
with those dots.

I made one circle very carefully
and drawn a point in its centre by you
to mean unvoiced words.

Dawn, the first messenger

This is absolute time for dawn
the dawn unhurriedly wakes up
and visits here and there
near and afar at its own will.
The common mortal life opens eyes.
A flock of larks birds
fly up and up in the welkin
and begins prayer together sweetly.
The east sky gets innocent refulgence
for the source of universal light.
The old but vivacious, sharp but generous
the sun rises with copper look and laughter.

Bright in eternity

In my prophetic sight
you were glaucous in mundane state
but you are now
bright in eternity.
Drizzling on you funeral procession
old and young ripples in the river,
Kiss-curl smoke rising upward,
despite violent wind
a steady flame of holly wick lamp
all see off you for the heaven,
your originalhaven forever
where you are radiant in eternity.