Poems by- Basab Mondal

Poems by- Basab Mondal


The last letter i wrote to her
can be christened ‘true-love’,
it can be called ‘true-hatred’,too.
That letter,shouldn’t been opened
rather treated,
as an illegible epitaph
of a pregnant love story.


I peeked at the sky,after
almost a week.
The liberating smell,
bounded me.
The muted cage,hanging
made me realise,that
stifle,has a language.
I unfurled my feathers,
and tried to fly-
Probably a flight within.


I breathe into the holes,
through my mouth,
sometimes hard,
at times very lightly.
Thy sly holes,
lying parallely,whisper
to the nights.
They probably, help me
to communicate, with
my father, from whom
I inherited the Harmonica.