Poems by- Manjish Ray

Poems by- Manjish Ray

Oh, my shattered soul

Do you walk on the thorns?
Do you burn your feet?
They don’t deserve you

Don’t bow down and seek favour
Don’t wail and say, “Forgive me”
Your tears are precious.

Join the birds at the workshop of melodies
Join the rain in the feast of rupture
No, they can’t deter you

Let them wield the dagger
Let them grease your palm
No, never
Never, my dear
They can never tame you.

Coming Soon…

No eye is awake
No dream is alive
But, still a door is open
Someone is there.

No moon shines
No star glows
But still a torch is ablaze
Someone is waiting

No wheel rolls
No bell rings
But, still a voice endures
Someone is coming

A spongers’ confession

My vision belongs to the warmth of dawn
My spirit belongs to the zealous wind

I’ve got my heart from the evergreen woods
I’ve borrowed my impulse from a serene river

The merry birds gave me voice
The infinite sky gave me insight

I have got nothing in this world
Except my poor, wretched shadow