Poems by- Nirmalya Ghosh

Poems by- Nirmalya Ghosh


When the sperms of my words
Wet your love ovum,
A successful poem is created.

In the madly love of my words,
When you are released from
your binding chain
You are also transformed into
a word lover.

In the middle horizon of life
Not doing the hairs grey
I show the courage to become
And that also in the courtesy
of the word industry.
Taking the goal to make you
word lover,
I, the word lover, see the dream
The new era of my poems,

The Circle

When the circle is overflooded..
The polluted water enters into..

When the circle is sky
Dream comes…

When the circle is stagnant..
Dream dies..

When the circle is vast…
You are on the top of the fame..

The melody songs

In this rainy winter
Evening, doing nothing..
Nothing but seeing there
A piece of nice cloudy sky…

But, my mind sees
There- Deep into my heart
Dear, Face of you, your curly
Hair – curly hairs about to fly…

Oh dear, the winter storm
Touching my skin here & there
As if you are touching soul
With your cute smile of shy…

Sweet sounds of raindrops
Around…mesmerizing my attention
Dear as if sounds are coming clear
From chain around your belly

Suddenly I felt dear, into the core
Of my soul…that life is nothing….
Nothing dear just you and I here &
There singing melody slowly