Poems by- Monojit Kumar Das

Poems by- Monojit Kumar Das

Oh My Bygone Days

Happy days gone behind for ever,
Visual memories peeping in the mind
When I’m in pensive mood.
Love and affection were coupled
Peace and happiness encircled
The pinkish lotus blossomed
Bees were buzzing.

But now shadows of nocturnal beings
gleam around us splashing their ebon eyes
Love and affection faded…
The memories of my bygone days sunk
in the hollow of envy ,rivalry, antagonisms ,
Bubble bees and snakes now are on the head of blooming lotus.

The Glorious Isolation

The delighted stage
Audience are waiting for
Urbashi or Menaka of the present era,
One Alok Bagchi is in charge of flashlight
Tricks of Alok Bagchi gleaming on the stage
Groups of performers as like as Apsras
Are in the light and shade.
Suddenly the searchlights are on the ready-made
Plump breasts of the past youths;
The claps and cheers of the audiences—
The Lights of the stage are off,
‌The daughter of the performer ailing in her hut,
Teenager girl of Rangini Bedeni not no yet returned
In her Dera enjoying the performances;
The dark moon of the dark fortnight remains
Only on isolated stage,
‌Now the glorious isolation teems all around the stage.