Poems by- Neladri Deb

Poems by- Neladri Deb

Poems by- Neladri Deb

Translated by- Arani Guha Neogi


If you dont want to remember then you dont

On Teesta river i alone ride a boat. But
Have to come back again
And i will surely comeback
But i think you should have forgoten me already
Or when i would come, you are not present there

Just keep waiting for me
Deep into the wine lays the Raydak sand
Ours love like golden sand will aslo
Spread its colour. slowly, silently
And now between the crisscross route, lays our first glimpse of dooars


The citys cover has been changed
The pages inside come flying out
Every turn in the city leads to many types of flags and camps
Like a face fallen in the sand
Alan kurdir cry can be heard from the drawing room

Old vulture sit in the balcony corner
Swaying pass the humans perfume


Outside the kitchen lays the stove
Three head and body
Ours family surrounded by polythene
Bounded under a boring same routine
Cloud roars, cold and sweat
And stay all around us, only darkness