Poems by- Anjali De Nandee, Mom

Poems by- Anjali De Nandee, Mom

I Will Be There, Dear

In too far future
I will be in free nature.
If you shall want me, dear,
Then you shall get me there.
I will be in those leaves,
Which will be on ground.
I will be in their
Livesless sound.
In their
I will be in those fallen-broken nests,
On the hard ground,
Which will be destroyed by the Strom.
I will be in bird’s crying-sound.
I will be in your unsuccessful dreams.
Which were watched only for me,
By your love’s closed eyes.
Which were in sleep.
Also which were too deep.
Then you will keep, keep and keep,
All my memories,
Which were alive in your life,
At very past, dear!
But then I will be your emotional-tear.
Though I will be too far from you,
Yet, i will be your very near,
As your love’s feelings.
I will be so happy then.
Because, i will be in you,
As ever new;
Yes yes yes….
Your mind is my ever address.


In romantic Spring season,
If at mid night
You remember me without any reason,
Under full moon light,
Then you gift your drops of tear
To the silence.
Though then I am not near,
Yet I can hear
Your all feelings, with my love-sense.
If then night stars become your fans
Then you find me among them from far.
Love never care of far distance.
You make a garland by countless stars
And flow it on the tides of your emotion
Which is in your mind, for me, dear!
And with open eyes then you imagine that
I am on the endless sky.
I fly fly and fly…..
In your limitless look.
Then you must pat, pat and pat
On your own chest where is your heart.
Where you took
My touches at past.
It is that that that
A lovely body part
Where you save me, dear!
I am very happy in it,
…..must must must…..
You also must be happy with your every beat,
Which is satisfied by my love-tear.

The Stars At Night

The stars at night.
Call me from the sky.
I love their light.
But can not touch them.
So my looks fly fly and fly……

Reach to their twinkle hearts.
They ask to me from too far,
What is your good name?
I say, Star.
Then my heart
Beats only for them.
I ride on darkness-cart
And enjoy their brightness.
Though they are countless
Yet I feel their all beats.
Then my realisation meets
With their all responses.
I love their togetherness.
They have own language.
Which are created by their rays.
Their rays are my thinking ways.
Which is endless……..

And also their rays are my ever peacefulness.

My real paradises………
Where my wisdom arises………
Where open my eternal eyes…

I Am A Night Bird

I am a bird, my color is white.
My love is endless sky.
I fly fly and fly…….
Also I love the dark night.
When the full moon smiles
On the stary-sky,
With careless style,
Then I gift it
My loving-look from very far,
With my every loving heart beat.
Then the North Star,
It salute me,
And says,
“I gift you my rays,
Please, be my ever friend!”
Then I say,
I love you,
And all stars, too.”
Then they send, send and send…..
Endless love to me.
They say,
“You are very close to Debi Sri Laxmi,
The wealth and happiness’s Mummy.
So you are lucky, too!”