Poems by- Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Poems by- Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Humble Hymn

Before crossing the treacherous touchline
of this myopic mortal marathon
I would prefer to pronounce thy Name with immeasurable reverence -holding back remaining air of the stratosphere inside my laconic lungs- only to submit this hurriedly composed hymn:

Oh my lord, if any ordinary word of my mediocre attempts of moronic verses finds you well , in lieu of that please give me a second chance to run in to repay my debts towards the home soil visiting my childhood abode situated in the remotest village Garchapra, where the treasured memories of my blissful boyhood are playing hide and seek with me officiously again and again…

When Love Strikes Back

Sometimes popular TVCs’ drive you mad
To add in forcibly
In your sultry shopping lists
Sticky pads, Superglue or Fevicol

But remember
No adhesive is mightier
Than the ordinary bonding of
Two throbbing hearts
When they are united
To become one
And inseparable without any purpose

When love bites
The very next day
or in the days following
Physical scars disappear normally
But the seal of its
Deep dark tectonic cut marks
Simply indelible
And Lasts forever

When love strikes back
Like venomous snake
Even the cruelest crooked death scares

Oxymoronic Curses

Emotionless – sensitive
Yes -I am representing both

So what -Look at the frontier of the sky

It touches the blue horizon

Kissing the feet of the earth

Astronomically you’re may be wrong