Poems by- Nirmalya Ghosh

Poems by-  Nirmalya Ghosh


How beatiful place that is..
Under the veils of clouds and
hills and green plants….
Where men and women are
Where living poems wander
here and there…
Where story resides in every
corner of DEOLO PARK…
Where love and romance are
very normal…
That sweet place is none other…
But, the little sister of Darjeeling…


Let us sleep…
People are asleep
Country is asleep
Conscience is asleep
Then, what is the wrong
If you and me sleep together?

Neeta – My Love

I have already dedicated my life
to you Neeta…
I have to do that coz you
are my LOVE.
I am continuously taking breathings
within a covered area and
Sometimes try to hold you in a tight
grasp or embrace in LOVE….
Am I getting mad in your illusion?
I love your house very much, coz,
there is no flower of plastic.
I feel deep pain within my heart for
you dear…
My eyes are filled with water melting
in fondness for you sweet heart.
We are not unknown to each
other dear..
We are known to each other
Up to that level sweet heart whom
the society calls “ EXTREME.”
Was I guilty only…? Our bodies
were also guilty with our minds
But our Conscience did not lose
its way even in the dense lively forest
Of a labyrinth.
Even without embracing you ..
I’ll always look for your affectionate
Birth after birth…NEETA….