poems by- Saleha Chowdhury

poems by- Saleha Chowdhury


I bought a pen with ten pence
From the shop
Now it lies on the table top.
One day I picked it up
Gave it a big shake up
It dropped plenty of stars
One after another
A tiny brook.
The pen has gone back to sleep again.
In the mean time
I have a mirror to see me.
I call it a poem

A Lullaby Again

I bought a book
`Come softly to my wake’
A cup of tea
And biscuits by the lake.
Weeping willows
Dancing swallows
Fairy and fruity cakes.
Drinking delicious silence
`The moon and sixpence.’
you and me under a huge tree.
The world was full of usual mystery
On a twilight sunday.

On our way home after a sigh
I composed a lyric
And you? A lullaby.

Nelson Mandela

After twenty seven years
In Reuben Island
Life goes on.
An uncompromising
But forgiving man.

Age and Face

Once in a blue moon
He came her home
It was power cut night
Darkness and fright!
She went to the kitchen
To get a light
Got back, he is gone
A note on the table
Rustling alone!
`Natasha light scares me
Now I am eighty three’.
Rubbing her wrinkly face
She says! `Love so be it.’

Deadly Silence

Shakespear I remember
In the days of cool summer
`Blow Blow though winter wind
You are not so unkind
As mans ingratitude’.My voice loud
My habit of uttering poems
Now and again , no reason
No sense! Whatsoever!
A nurse doing her duties days and nights
In winter and summer.
Then the final departure!
Suddenly phone rings , a voice!
Beyond every sea and space
‘ I am with you mate
In your lone- star days!
Silly I love you too! don’t you know?
Is that you I screamed!
Oh dear God !Bless!
But the Phone gone back to
Deadly silence!