Poems by- Eva Petropoulou Lianoy

Poems by- Eva Petropoulou Lianoy


Mother is the doctor for any sickness
Mama is the country that everyone loves
without conquering
Mama is joy and sorrow Mama the power
Mama the forgiveness
One word was created by God To forgive people
Say it every day
Call her if they put chains on you
To sweeten it the wound
To bring peace
My mom, you’re unique
You never told them you were upset With gold I will cherish you
Chosen person
I crown you My mother
My sun
My compass

We Pray
[Translation: Williamsji Maveli]

We pray as Jews
We pray as Christians
We pray as Muslims
If all those prayers were one
Nobody needed the war

We pray as childrens play
We pray as newborn look tge sun
We pray as we see the sea for the first time

This think called virus came at night to our bed
Called dark angel try to take our souls
Try to take our dreams
Our existence

We call the source above
We pray to the Holy Spirit

The darkness came above our houses
The Grey cloud near the windows
Nobody knew his name
They call it the Son of Krown

No bodies
No injuries
No blood
A body start to become
An empty bottle full of air

No breath
No moove
Just an empty bottle full of water

We pray as birds sing in the forest
We pray as we travel to the Moon for the first time

We pray to Holy Spirit
Against the Beast
We must fight
And have no fear
No panic

Because at the End
The Angels and Him
Shall rise again