Poems by- Neladri Dev

Poems by- Neladri Dev

Yellow or gray

I took off my sweater
Some stories of wool inside wool
All those gone afternoons, meteorites
All this has returned the question mark
Nowadays sitting face to face
I turn the page of time
Yellow and gray
The rest is coated on the skin.

Red cover, information book

This time he lost his address
It doesn’t matter
There was or may be a spine
Therefore, if you write extinction, people have to write
In such provocative exchanges
The lantern flew to the western horizon
Everyone tells the story of the beginning and the end
The middle light is dark
Relays are gradually disappearing
In a life without demands


You have been a light under the Bodhi tree all your life
From the ring of light
I draw the circumference of my own body
Looks steady, loses sight,
The shadow of the mountain fell
I touch Zebracrossing, obeying traffic signals
I want to reach the deep fall of the tree safely
Eligibility to be lost in reticulation
The postnatal garments of short people have not yet been stained


Trees are just shade!
Seeds and seeds next to the roots
The story of expansion

Find the light inside the light for now

The shadow that has moved in the flow of time, has not moved
His meditation and breath are embedded in the paddy of generation.

Station Para

No more trains stop at the station now
Cool like melting ice
Sleep is stable
The letter is lost, my old home address
A window was open
The sound of a pigeon’s fan when you raise your hand
Suddenly the water broke, or the glass-filled cloud.