Poems by- Subir Sarkar

Poems by- Subir Sarkar


I learned to play the violin after you left
I see destruction and cunning in your eyes
Ignoring the white rice
Ignore the dimple on your cheeks
I have a great life
Dances and songs are spread in the field
Common bengal owls are entering my room
And the sound of applause rolled towards you

Freedom, 75

Haripada goes on to say PadmaBil
We see boats, wooden ones
Night is falling on the Eid fair ground
Hasan Raja floated in the winter air
Country means fairy tale, the call of the heart
Shredded Haripada speaks of the country in the middle of an empty market
I see Sarisong
I see floating Behula
I watch aged Hadudu field
and freedom 75.


Suicide is actually a foreign word
Tears are very expensive when committing suicide
Reservoir filled with frogs
Then rivers and streams
Then the secret sluice gate
Forgive me, I can’t be fast
This is cake, pastry and Pesticides on an inverted boat
And the birds, ate rice and fled


We have a life under the clouds!
Going to fix the relationship, I saw the trap of frost and Autumn
You’re stopping the story in the middle
The signature floats away
The streets of the city were filled with flood yellow light
How unfamiliar you seem
Sit down to get the chair away from the debate