Story: Baghbandi

Story: Baghbandi

Monojit Kumar Das

Ramanimohan was the young boy of the village. He read in class nine.The Chitra river flows by the village, It had knee-deep water in the month of Choitra- Boishakh. At low tide the water went down again. As soon as Choitra-Boishakh arrived, the little children bathed and played in the little water. Even though Ramanimohan played in water with too much little boys. His classmates did not stop making fun of him for playing with the children in primary school. However, when summer came, Ramanimohan did not hesitate to play in the water of Chitra river with the children.

When the month of Shravan came, water touched the banks of the Chitra river. It was as if a woman who had lost her youth had become young again in rainy season. During the rainy season, boats floated on the Chitra river. At that time the passengers used to come and go in the Pansi boat from the ghat of Hijlatala near Ramanimohan’s house. Ramanimohan’s house was on the bank of the river. He could see the river through the window of the room .
Three months from Shravan to Ashwin, this river would be full of people’s murmurs. Men and women all got on or off in the boat from Hijlatala Ghat.

Chowdhury’s house still then had a lot of name in the locality. At one time their family was isolated. The boys of this house had been working outside since that time. During the British rule, the sons of that house used to work in Kolkata.. After partition, the most of members from Chowdhury’s house moved to Kolkata, but the splendor of Chowdhury’s house did not diminish. Ramanimohan was the youngest son of that house. They are two brothers and one sister. Chitra is the eldest sister of him. Grandmother named her sister to match the name of the river Chitra. Grandmother died in the year before the war of 1971, and Ramanimohan was born in 1971. When he grew up, he saw pictures of Grandma.

The teenager Ramanimohan did not meaning of his name The Pandit moshai of his school was an old man and a humorist. Many fathers, uncles and grandparents fell in love with him at one time. There was only one year left to retire of him. The students in the class were the same age of his grandchildren. So he almost always jocked and laughed at them
One day when Panditmoshai was teaching Dashokarma chapter in the Hindu dharma class, he started explaining the names of the children in their class. Half of the students in that class were boys and half were girls. Panditmoshai told them, ‘Naming children is very important. Although the name does not make people great The greatness of human name is manifested by character, conduct and good deeds.’ Before Panditmoshai finished speaking, Ramanimohan said,’ Prashanta’s name should be Ashanata , sir? ‘ Ramanimohan’s words prosanta became angry. The girls were happy with Ramanimohan’s words. Because Prashanta sometimes annoyed them by talking nonsense words to them. Honestly, Prashanta was a naughty boy in their whole class. Srabani, Mukti and Shahana were the best students among the girls. on the other hand, Ramanimohan, Shahriar and Shaheen were the best students among the boys in the class. They had always been the most successful in education, sports and music. One or two of the girls were talkative but good at studying. Among them, Srabani asked ‘ Ramanimohanan’s name is very nice, isn’t it, sir?’ Ramanimohan scoffs at Srabani’s words When there was an uproar in the class, Pandit moshai calmed down everyone and told them, ‘The meaning of a name cannot be revealed without adding adjectives to some words of the name. For example, the name of a boy cannot be Radha. It will be Radhakanta, Radha’s friend or Radha’s devotee. In the same way, the word Ramani means beautiful lady, the word mohan means charming or captivating. Then the word Ramnimohan means the charming or charming of beatiful lady or girl. ‘Beautiful girls like Srabani laughed at Pandimoshai’s words. On the other hand, the handsome-looking Romonimohan turns red with shame.

panditmoshai added,’At one point I wondered why did his parents name him Romonimohan ‘ From then the bad guys started making fun of him. Even talended class friends both boys and girls did not hesitate to laugh at his name in secret. Ramanimohan is talented and handsome boy.He had a relationship with Mukti, who was a sweet girl. She had always respected Ramanimohan. Mukti’s mother once told her, ‘Ramanimohan is seven months older than you. Even he is bother according to the relation. You call him dada. Both of you were born in Dhubulia refugee Camp in West Bengal of India. He was born in the month of May , 1971 and you were born two days after Victory Day on December 16. That’s why we named you Mukti. One day, Mukti found Ramanimohan alone. She said to him, “Dada, who gives your name Ramanimohan? If my name is Mukti, your name should have been Biplob. ‘ Ramanimohan did not want to answer the question of Mukti. Passing H,S.C in science Mukti got admitted M.B.B.S in Rajshshi Medical College.

Mukti thought that Ramanimohan would also study medicine. But he had not gone to that path. He went to his elder brother’s house in Dhaka city. His elder brother Sushovon Chowdhury was the CEO of a multinational company. He lived there with his wife and children. He had one son and one daughter. He had own flat at Mirpur, Dhaka and he had own car and diver. His wife Sabitri was Ramanimohan’s Boudi.

Dada and Baudi were relieved when Ramanimohan came to study in Dhaka. Sushovon often had to go abroad for office work. When Sushovon was in Dhaka, she droped off her children and their mother at school while going to the office. Their mother had to wait for school until the class ended. After the school ended, Sushovon sent driver with car to take them back home.

The entire five-storeyed flat in Moon Garden Mansion at Mirpur was bought by Sushovon They lived at first block of the flat.

A childless couple lived at second block of the flat as tenant. Husband and wife had no end of grief as they did not have children in their small family. Ramanimohan knew little about them from Baudi.

Ramanimohan first saw an unknown woman coming down from the lift. Baudi told him that the lady would be about thirty-five years old, and her husband would be about sixty years old. Her husband Kumaraswamy Rajan was the CEO of Southeast Region in his Dhaka-based office. It was a foreign firm. Although Kumaraswamy Rajan’s ancestral home was in South India, but they had been living in Calcutta since childhood. His Wife Kamalini was a Bengali girl of Kolkata. Seeing that, the the lady did not seem to be more than twenty-five years old. In that sense, she was not a resident of the second block of the Baudis’ flat. He wondered why the lady was curious about him.

The woman stepped down from the lift followed Ramonimohan. As they came out of the lift their eyes met but no one spoke to anyone, but the woman looked at Ramanimohan from head to toe. He thought,no woman could take off her eyes to me.The lady put on churidar pajamas and Skin tight long green salwar. A thin jacket was top of the salwar . A red scarf wrapped around her neck. Ramanimohan’s eyes fell on her two improved breasts which came out through the thin jacket. The lady is really beautiful . Ramanimohan looked away from the woman and started walking towards his flat.

Going to his room Ramanimohan went to the attached bath room and washed his hands,feet and mouth with water. He decided to go to the dining room after lying for rest on the bed for a while. He didn’t know why appearance of the lady he saw a while ago are floating in the corner of his mind. She might be a guest in the next block. The identity of the lady could be known by asking Baudi. After taking a short rest, he stepped towards the dining room. Looking at the second block on the right, he was shocked to see the lady coming down from the lift standing on the balcony wearing a red shari. Baudi said Kumaraswamy Rajan’s wife lived in the second block of their flat. She was about 35 years old, so who was that woman?

As soon as Ramanimohan entered the dining room, Ramanimohan was surprised to see that lady entering the room. Arranging the food on the dining table, Baudi said without looking up, ‘Kumubaudi, have you returned with my boy friend? Ramanimohan’s face turned red with shame when he heard Baudi’s words. Baudi laughs a lot at him. Although he didn’t speak in front of two fashionable women, he thought that this beautiful woman was Kamalini, the wife of Kumaraswamy Rajan, whom Sabitribaudi refers to her as Kumubaudi.

This is your boy friend.’ The woman said to Sabitribaudi. ‘You’ve got an accomplished good looking boy friend.’
Boudi intrioduced the lady to him. She told him,’This is Kumaraswamy Rajan’s better half Kamalini Rajan. It is normal to be known as Kumu from Kamalini, the daughter of a Bengali family, isn’t it, Kumu Baudi? ’ Boudi topped talking and looked at his brother-in-law and said again,‘ Kumu Baudi, this is the lady Mohan I often tell you about. When you have passed MA in Bengali, then the word Ramanimohan means: the charming or charming man of ladies, you know that! He is sitting by you captivating, any other woman has the power to seduce him! ‘ Saying this stopped and a short while after she added,’ Kumuboudi,he seduces me! That’s well!’

‘After getting out of the lift together, your lady Mohan cut off at me more than once. You’re a brother, I’m not impressed, but I’m glad to see him! ‘ said Kumuboudi.

Ramonimohan was annoyed at first for making fun of him, at one point he felt happy. He had been studying in the village college for so many days. As a good student, I got many opportunities to mix with meritorious students, but I never heard such type of talk from them, he thought.

After remaining silent for some time, Ramanimohan, a village boy, came to study at Dhaka University and was able to adapt to a new environment in a short time. He didn’t have to keep her own boudi ‘s request. But Ramanimohan had to keep Kumubaudi’s order now and then. Her husband Mr.Rajan was often out of the country. Sabitribaudi was repeatedly asking her brother-in-law to help Kumubaudi as much as possible. Boudi told him,’ Her husband lives outside so you go to Kumubaudi’s flat from time to time, if she says you have to bring buying something from the shop for her.’ From then on, Ramanimohan started travelling freely to Kumubaudi’s house.

In the eyes of Ramanimohan, Kumubaudi’s husband Kumaraswamy Rajan was a very good man. The whole six-storeyed flat belongs to a police officer. His wife Seema and her sister in law Rita almost always came to boudis’ flat At one time, Seema Bhabhi was studying in the same college with Baudi. Sabitribaudi’s thoughts with Seema Bhabhi on that occasion. She also knows that her friend Sabitri’s brother-in-law Ramanimohan used to go to Kumu Baudi’s room random While passing by the drawing room, Seema Bhabi’s words reached Ramanimohan’s ears. ‘Old husband and young wife. It is a great pity that the old man cannot accompany the wife. Your Ramanimohan is keeping Kumu Bhabhi happy with a little bit of company! ‘Seema Bhabhi didn’t like Ramanimohan.

Sabitri was surprised to see Kumubaudi in a state of depression for several days. Both the husband and wife had recently undergone a few tests in Singapore. According to the test, both of them are positive, no problems about fertility of them They did not find anything negative in the test of the couple But why couldn’t her husband give her children even after doing so much? This was the only reason for Kamalini’s grief. Kamalini did not hesitate to say these things to Sabitribaudi.

In Kamalini’s way, she had to be a mother. If she had not a son, her husband’s immense wealth would be squandered, and her wealth will be plundered in others . As if she had to be a mother, she decided to think a lot in one night. Her husband’s first wife died in a road accident along with her baby son. If the boy had survived, he would have inherited the property of Kumaraswamy Rajan. Kamalini feels dizzy. She thought, `why was she. unable to conceive on her own.’ At one time her husband had the ability to give birth to children, but now he may not.’ Although she realised, ‘her husband is incapable of producing children, her husband and other relatives are reluctant to understand. Her husband and relatives know that at one time a son was born to her
Once Kamalini Said to Sabitri , ‘she herself is a innocent woman. She never defiled her character. In fifteen years of married life her husband has kept her no less happy. But since she is not a child, she has to get up and listen to gossip from her husband and her relatives.’ Kamalini wanted to live from the barrenness of barren women.
Kumaraswamy Rajan had gone to Bombay’s head office for a week on an emergency flight of Indian Airlines. Going to Bimbay he thought, ‘To stay away from his wife for seven days, for this Kumaraswamy Rajan enjoyed the night with Kamalini, the queen of the night. Kamalini was not less satisfied as she matched herself to her husband in the milky bed lit by the light of the blue egg light. But Kamalini could not hold the resh of happiness for a long time, one of the reasons was that the beetle was sitting in the blooming flower but it was not holding the fruit
Sabitribaudi went to her father’s house in Chittagong city with the children flight of Biman Bangladesh. Ramonimohan would be stayed at home alone. She would go to visit her father’s house with confidence keeping her bother in law Ramonimohan.
Sushovon was also out of the country, but not in Bombay but in Kolkata.

Before leaving for Chittagong , Sabitribaudi told Kumubaudi in front of Ramonimohan, ‘I keep my Ramonimohan in your custody for a week. See that he does not run away from your custody. ‘Listening Sabitriboudi’s words kumunboudi replied smilingly ‘I will keep your Ramonimohan in that handsome boy of Ramonimohan will not run away from me. ‘

While arranging a dinner for the two of them at night, Kamalini said, “Sabitri has said that arranging food for Ramanimohan means ‘ Care him, as if he does not fast.’ The whole of the five floors now had no one but two persons. No one in their flat slept with the door locked at night. Since the main gate was closed, no one could ever think of sleeping with the door locked.

Ramanimohan went to Kumubaudi’s room at night and was surprised to see her. He thought, why was Kumubaudi’s dressed so ugly that night! Suddenly his gaze fell on Kumubaudi’s breasts Her bare breasts falling under the tight vest fell into Ramanimohan’s eyes. Who was to say she was thirties woman. Toasts mixed with milk alta are pinkish in color of her face A pinkish tinge on the lips, a bunch of hair tied like an impeccably beautiful eighteen.

‘Kumubaudi, today is your wedding anniversary!why are you dressed like that? Ramanimohan asked,. ‘Why would Rajnda live in Bombay on your wedding anniversary? Fascinated by your look, I like the color today, right? ’Without waiting for an answer, She brought Ramanimohan to the dining room. The dinner table is decorated with a variety of dishes. They sat side by side in front of the table. Without saying a word, Kumubaudi kissed Ramanimohan on the lips and said, “Come on, we haven’t had dinner.” He went to say something. But Kumubaudi stopped him and said, “There is no more talk now. she put the apron on her body.

After dinner, Ramanimohan said, ‘I have fallen asleep, now I have to sleep.Kumubaudi. ’
‘You’ll sleep so early in the evening! This night, you are mine. Now you have to stand up and sit down to my words. ‘Ramanimohan was fascinated by her words. He laughed and said,’ Oh! Is that so? ‘
Kumubaudi once grabbed Ramnimohan and went to the bedroom and sat him on the bed and said, ‘Have you ever been here before? If you haven’t come to my bedroom. ’ She sat down next to Ramanimohan. She had not noticed for so long that a dim pink light was shining in the room. She opened the apron from her body and put it on the Sofa. No reaction was in Ramanimohan’s mind. But he is ashamed of what she did that time. Suddenly in front of his eyes, she took off her salwar and started to put on the nighte.

As soon as she turned off the bed switch while sitting next to Ramanimohan on the bed, the whole room was covered in darkness. And at that moment Kumubaudi said in a muffled voice, ‘Now see how I make you a tiger. You may have seen how the blue glass beetle catches the cockroach. If you don’t catch voluntarily, I’ll catch you that way too. ’
Before she knew it, Ramanimohan was forced to go to bed with Kumubaudi. Ramanimohan had never had such an experience in his life. He once loved Shrabani like crazy. Still loves her but she was now out of reach as the demon Padma snatches her in the launch sinking.

When he turned on the bed switch with one hand to get rid of Kumubaudi’s two arms, the whole room was illuminated and he could not see the slightest hint of elegance in Kumubaudi’s eyes. Her eyes are full of desire! He had never seen Kumubaudi in such a look. He freed himself from Kumubaudi’s hand and got down from the bed and sat on the sofa. Kumubaudi also came and sat beside him. In a moment, Ramanimohan was surprised when Kumubaudi’s face became sad.

At that time, Kumubaudi told him in a sobbing voice, ‘I am not a naughty girl. I want to get you to prove that I am not a barren woman. Have mercy on me.’ After finishing her speech, Kumubaudi hugged Ramanimohan’s hand..
Ramanimohan bowed to Kumubaudi. When Kumubaudi herself switched the pink egg light, a kind of magical atmosphere was created in the room. Kamalini said to herself, ‘It won’t work to cut him off. I have to make the first debut of his youth by provoking a sensible boy like him. My power to make him drunk is not exhausted yet! ’
Ramanimohan was sitting on the sofa. There was no word in the mouth. Kumubaudi took off the nightie from her body, hugged Ramanimohan’s body, sat on the sofa, hugged her and started kissing her cheek one after another. Kamalini felt as if her breasts were getting hot as the two breasts behind the cotton underwear of Ramanimohan touched her body. In response to Kumubaudi’s kiss, he also gave her a kiss. Kamalini said in her mind, ‘There is tension in her. If I can provoke my old husband at night, then why can’t I provoke this young boy.’
Kamalini realized how reckless a nineteen-twenty-year-old man could become, Kamalini had never enjoyed such happiness in life from an older husband. At one point, Kamalini thought she was the bride of the night. Once the tiger smells blood, it wants to run after the blood. Three more nights before Sabitrboudi her children returned, Ramanimohan floated Kumubaudi in the sea of happiness.

Then the events are brief. Kumaraswamy Rajan was transferred to Bombay’s head office the following month, so the Kamalinis left for Bombay after finishing their lessons in Dhaka. After completing her varsity studies, she joined a multinational firm.Then he was became known the name of R. Mohan Chowdhury.
Five years after getting the job, the wheel of fortune began to move forward . After Ramanimohan’s marriage to Savitribaudi’s cousin Avantika, he got two promotions and became the boss of their firm’s Delhi office. Ramanimohan thought that his wife was Avantika lucky.lady. After three years of marriage, Avantika gave her husban to give birth a son. In Delhi, everyone knew R. Mohan Chowdhury. They called him Mohan Sahib. He took up residence in a seven-storeyed part of the ten-storeyed Rose Garden Mansion in an elite residential area a few kilometers from Delhi’s India Gate. The owner of the seven and eight storeyed flats in this mansion was a South Indian. Ramanimohan has heard that the owner of that two storeyed lived at the eighth floor. The owner had not been met yet. The house rent agreement and payment has been made with his manager.

Oneday another car signaled to overtake his car, R. Mohan Chowdhury saw in the looking glass that an elderly woman was driving the car. He could have parked the car in the back if he wanted to, but he slowed the car to the left so that he could reach the destination in a moment. He opened the Rose Garden Manson’s gate Keeper and pushed the car into the basement of the Rose Garden Mansion. R. Mohan Chowdhury thought that the lady might be renound person The mansion’s security guard greeted her when the car in the back did not go straight on the road and stood behind her car. After entering the basement of her car, R. Mohan Chowdhury’s eyes met the lady in the back of the car. The lady got up from the ooooooodriving seat of the car, opened the door of the car and said, ‘Do you recognize me?’ , Ramanimohan? ‘The woman wears a light golden silk dhoti, which is worn by widows like a sari. The black fringe of the dhoti is made of lace thread. The woman looks beautiful as she wears a dhoti like a sari on her body which is about five feet long. She wondered who in Delhi could address him as Ramanimohan! Here no one knew hin as Ramanimohan.

He looked at the widow’s face and muttered, “I can’t remember, but I must have seen you somewhere.”
The old woman dressed as a widow introduced herself this time.

‘I don’t want to see you in this outfit after almost a decade. How much you have changed! He told the woman.
‘It’s been nine years since I’ve been in this outfit. A few months after I was transferred from Dhaka to Bombay, my husband died suddenly of a heart attack. God willing, I will see you again after all this time. Where do you live, and what are you doing, married? Kumu Baudi asked so many questions in one breath and Ramanimohan answered only two questions. ‘I live on the seventh floor of this mansion for the sake of my job. ‘‘ Oh! Well, ‘
This time Kumubaudi moved away from her car and said that Ramanimohan did not understand anything.
‘Your son is sitting in the front seat of the car. That, are you married? What happened as a child? ‘
‘What are you talking about? My only four-month-old son is now probably breastfeeding on his mother Avantika’s lap in my upstairs seven-story flat. Why is my son sitting in your car? ‘
‘Then you have a four-month-old baby boy. In fact, you have two sons. ‘
‘Two boys?’
“Yes, you gave me a handsome child.”
Ramanimohan was thrilled to hear his words.
“He’s in the car, he’s nine years old now. Just to look like you. Anyway you are my protector. Your heavenly gift has enabled me to inherit my husband’s earned money and supportive consent. Otherwise, all the resources of my husband would be looted and eaten by his heirs. You are on the seventh floor of our flat, and we are on the eighth floor. Ramani Mohan was shocked to hear about my husband Kumu Baudi in those two flats.
Kumu Baudi approached the car and said to her son, “Dad, Kunal, listen here.”
Kumuboudi said to his son, ‘This is your Bangladeshi mama. When he heard his mother’s words, he greeted hI’m and asked, “Which class do you go to, father?” The little boy replied, “Class four.” “We also live in this mansion’s seven-storey flat. Asked the boy’s face. The boy looked at his mother and said, “I am sitting in the car and you come and talk to Mama.”
‘So do it, Dad, I’m coming and getting things out of the holder.’
In a moment, Ramanimohan’s mind went back. She thought, ‘Undoubtedly my son looks exactly like me, my unborn child, I was eighteen or nineteen then, and the woman is fifteen or sixteen years older than me. The boy was born without my knowledge. She’s grown up in the last nine years. ’‘ It’s not uncommon for you to think of me as a bad girl. Could I have saved my immense wealth and bank balance by relying on a husband who could not give me children within fifteen years of marriage? ’Kamalini asked her.

No words came out of Ramanimohan’s mouth. Kumu Baudi said, ‘You will not call me Baudi even in the slightest. Didi will call. You will introduce yourself to your wife as a distant cousin, and we don’t need to tell your wife that you own the flat. Be careful that no one knows the real thing. Otherwise, both you and I will be doomed. ‘
“All right, sister.”
‘I want you to still be a tiger to me. You go to your house now, I’ll go upstairs a little later. Ramanimohan was about to say something, but she left without listening to him