Poems by Animdim Zakaria

Poems by Animdim Zakaria


When the word creation horns in hearMind becomes delightedWhen the word death horns in hearMind becomes affected with griefFire is harmful no doubtBut air may be more harmful than thatBut who makes the air active?


He is good lecturer who is good audienceWho is intelligent hear much utters littleHe who accept sun shineHis intelligence becomes like fore fingerAs much you read you will know to that extentAs much you know you will obey to that extentMynah bird understands you, but you?

Act Of Conquering –

He who maintains the confidenceHe could snatch the victory easilyChatterer becomes sustaining at every stepOpponent must not know strategy of warThe ant could not maintain the confidenceBe a hunter like clever tigerDoes the spider’s web attract you?

Addiction –

Imitating a feeble breathingWhy do you die? What is your pain? Do you go poetic imagination being death addicted? Does the musical tone of Niagara water fall-Make you magnetizedYou like poppy flower, but why?