Poems by Saleha Chowdhury

Poems by Saleha Chowdhury


I like the garden
I pluck flowers from it.
When I love the garden
I make time to water it.


Do you see my teardrops?
I do not see, I feel
One is a river and one is fish.

Lust for life

They all have it, lust for life
Lautrec, Vangogh, Henry Matisse.

Adieu My friends

One fine morning if you know
I am not here anymore,
Please do not cry, do not brood,
Do not compose a long saga
Or sad song, in solitude!
Do intrude!
A handful under my pillows,
A handful under my mattress
A handful just on the
Rotten bookshelf
Some words I pick up from darkness.
A background music
Makes my journey quiet pleasant
Slowly , to another galaxy,
In the evening’s pensive mood
You may notice a lone star!
All my life I played solitaire.