Poem by Rezaul Karim

Poem by Rezaul Karim

Dark hour’s cry
(Salute to all departed soul due to COVID-19)
Translation: Farhan Karim

An unseen envoi of cruel death from the sky,
Killed the Man, that they termed the best creation of all creatures
Kith and kin leaves, as if almost they would fly,
Only for the envoy to cross continents and seas without barriers.

The closest ones lose all eagerness to see the beloved for one last time
And the soul that was beloved (!) leaves the earth all alone,
His body not touched, nor caressed, for that one valuable time
Naively questioning all honor and love he thought was his own.

Flower bloom from rocks and green forests bless deserts,
Silent cries shattering the heart and living soul,
But love is already dead in touch of the unseen, oh it hurts;
The native man cries, desperate to feel again what it was like to be whole.

He can’t see, but tears are shred more than he thought,
The endless tear fall from the beloved surface of moon.