Poems by Abu Afzal Saleh

Poems by Abu Afzal Saleh

I sent love

I sent love
In the waves of catkin-field, in the stream of the Surma
On the raft of clouds in the clear blue sky.
Did you get it?

If not, I will send it again.

Rebirth in blue-eyes

Blue eyes and petal-rose lips
My death;
My strength-
The phoenix wakes up like a bird.

I am reborn
On her slight-hotted lips.

Autumn’s dream

Pairs of white-ducks near the riverbank;
See-gulls Flying here and there
The white-softed waves of the forest
Blue-bright sky, white clouds
On her milky-back in the sweeted air
Black-clouds play.

This dreamy autumn-morning
Getting lost in the restless.