Poems by Mohammad Faysal

Poems by Mohammad Faysal

The Lost Fairy of September

I all desolate here
In the amid of a rush city,
Here I am all alone but still I walk,
On the same street once we did.
Still I stop at our very common inn
I see you nowhere to share
The little two half dish.
And I go back at the end
With all my aloneness
Recalling our past sweet days.

The same evenings still come
No more showy but all are dismay
And place the petition
Not to come anymore
In the absence of you with me.

You are alone there as I am now
With the burden of duties.
No one is there to hold
Your soft two hands in deep,
And no one waits to grasp you tight,
With a long gentle evening kiss.

Not easier but always a wall to threat
A nest of love we would build
For years after years with peace
For not to be wrecked
Without any little effort.

I will be taken away someday
But the aura of my love
Will be towering higher and higher
In the endless sky we would fly
To glorify you my beloved
Once anyone ever heard.

At the moment of my departure
No more that angry face before you
Rather calm and quiet
And all are silent and unmoved.
Some are crying gently or loudly
You just can pray for rest in peace.

If you feel alone at the midnight
No more I am there to make love,
Or feel lorn in the morning,
Then see from the high hill
Someone is calling
And my eternel love for you is falling.

If you see, I am no more with you
In a cold winter evening,
Putting my hands on the shoulders,
And no more that black coat,
In which your hands
Would find warm at your best.

If you see, no more we are sharing
The same bed in a little hut
Then go and ask the seashore
It will disclose me
I am everywhere to follow
Your wet single sandy step.

Think those school days
And our long aching for a September
That melted us in the soft rain.
Still I feel the gentle breeze
Would touch a little girl in deep,
And someone was waiting,
To see her grown ages with.

Nothing can untie
The knot we have tied
With the two committed hands
At our innocent tender age.
And the two souls now is a whole,
Are mingled with the eternal love.

Who can realize as you can
An outcomer is always an outsider
Can never be a lover.
With the shortage of soul
A little cheaper trader
Can not touch the peak
Of the endless sky
Of our unending love.

If you feel the distance between us
It’s nothing but a brittle wall.
I can shatter it down in no time
If you keep your two naive eyes,
On my sorrowful heart.

Death: A Fixation of Superpower

Life is too short
Very short to every single inch.
And no way to any little escape
Rather a harsh reality to accept.
Death appears and life fades
In all ways and all aspects.

Fear; fear in all spheres
Taking all in the icy shades,
The worst touch in all rates,
And comes without any date.
All we grow on an average
But not as a fixed growth.

All are waiting for
A quiet step to a meet,
A crushing meet with death.
There is nothing to avoid
But a silent auction of pain
An organized stage to be his slain.

Modestly comes and gently leaves
Doesn’t shout at anyone or threat
But has the ability to stop
All with a single raid.
His roaming is on and on
And is taking one after one
To minimize the hunger for once.

No one never knows
As everyone yet to face
What he is and how he deals,
He himself is a reality to be explored.
Does not matter to death
How fleshy or skinny one is
Or A poor soul on the street,
Or a machine of wealth in the brick.

Nothing but a dust with mud at the end
Now is the time to be questioned,
Or to be helpless or to be ashamed.
Before the procedure of hellfire
Try to draw some ruth
Or be the target of the superpower
In the name of cruel death.

Innocence of Emptiness

In the sea of beauty
I see you my love
As long my eyes can see
All are green and teen.
In the vessel of fume
We two once would live
In the sky with mist.

All were covered with blue
Now to be faded with dark
Like my lost soul is in this
To be usurped by murky.

My heart always brings
With the decancy of you.
But sooner I am alone
When you left me without reckon
And now I am all broken.

If you wish for once
We can walk hands in hands
Like the free birds fly in the sky.
All the dreams you brought
Are now dead forever to me
As you left with all my agony.

My dreams did not get any value
Now my two eyes are dreamless.
No more that song, once you sang
And the tune that sooths,
My heart with peace.

Come and see
Into the depth of my heart
All you will see
Is the gory salty tears of me
And the lost buttress of thee.

Look at the essence of parity
All are shattered into pieces
As my soul now is
After the brutal end of my love

My charm turns into misery
To break my heart in millions.
Can you listen to me
Still I shout
I want you my beloved
Without any condition for it.

The love I have piled
For decades after decades
Was beyond your thought.
And your whimsical mind
Could never count
The amount of my love
Still I bear in my heart.

Someday and somewhere
You will be asked,
Why we are separated and for what.
Now prepare the answer
To give me back in time.

Come and feel
The essence of love for you
All are true and naif,
Strengthening me to speak
I love you my innocent love
Till my breathe will stop.

That remote high hill
And the ark of reek,
The evenings after days,
The birds in the endless sky,
All they know truly…
How adorable you are to me.

All my grief and agony of soul
Is only for you
And I can not get you anymore
To colour my life to an inch,
You are nowhere no more for me.

I want only a single miracle of life
And not many people
Only your come back my beloved.
No one knows better than you
How tough it is from my part
To live this empty life
Without you my beloved.