Poems by Sakib Jamal

Poems by Sakib Jamal

The Psychic Water Cycle

Nature, The example.
Polluted water-evaporated by sun to form clouds,
Rain falls from the clouds.
Look into, What a pure water that is!
My mind, Listen to me, Enter the psychic water cycle!
In the world of malicious thoughts-Like the sun shines lit up your conscience,
Then, In repentance, in tears- Be cleansed.
Look into, What a pure person you are!

Live In Pleasure

Live in pleasure.
Live in joy forever.
This life is blissful, this world is heavenly-
If you can decorate those nicely!
You don’t have to do too much –
Only suppress the greediness that is your enemy!
Greediness: It wants to submerge you in sorrows only!
Learn to ignore these! Be the feelings controller!
Create happiness in your feelings over and over!
Live in pleasure.

Kamagni And Me

Obviously, this body is sensual!
It wants wealth, values, it wants everything-
Doesn’t know the end of wanting, Like omnivorous.
Infinite Seeking- Kamagni: Swallows love.
Destroys my love for you – wants goodbye!
But I love you!
According to Gandhi, I want to give this body a little pain.
Intended to make the mind controller of the body-
Moving this body away, to get lovely space in your mind!

Note: Kamagni- lustfulness is treated as destroying fire.