Poems by Ronak Banerjee

Poems by Ronak Banerjee

The valuable gift

I’m a fearless narrator,
Over a few decades ago,
my lips are drilled by an auger
But my ancestors imbued me for searching proper pebbles of abode;
There is no glen in my mind,
I’m a happy rider in september’s madox colony,
The awful glitches of healthy relationship allows spices to diminish the flavour;
While taking the shower bath,disobedient rats are cutting my shoes
The windows are widowed in adolescence,
It’s time to start a business of family consultant,
There is a key of passion in my left pocket,
It ends the innings of misery,
I became the successful player of chess.


In front of a deep cave,a dreadnought is standing by
After listening the rude music,the juice of the grapes emit
A sullen mind is searching for a mascot,
To solve the problem of conspiracy,Gestapos are running fastly
I can hear the weeping princess,how can I see the wannish face
O wild wind,how can my first sight be so dreary!
Almost every touch is not soothing,
The emotional hug comes to an end with sulky grasp.

I’m walking through a tangent,
but I have to go through the diameter
A bird often comes to my window and tells me the story of nest;
I asked him,do your world have several languages like mankind!
Simultaneously a storm breaks my myth,
I don’t want to solve algebraic networks,
I have already made an understanding with the centre of mass of the earth.

When the ceiling fan starts moving,
I think myself irrelevant than the clothes on the stick of the bed,
I spent the whole night staring towards the red indicator;
It seems there is no life in this path,utter silence all around
Sometimes I puzzle,is this really any place of earth?
Undoubtedly the soil of previous birth still remains in my heart.