Poems by Chandan Biswas

Poems by Chandan Biswas

Googled Me

You bricked me within you
Though l felt nothing of it

The concrete you cemented into
I did not care for that

You built the highest tower
Which l never tried to look at

I couldn’t read your book
Which you opened before me

I dug you till my lust fulfil me

When l let me know what you are
I lost the roadmap you googled me…


None can sip dewy syrup
Unless you allow him

None can take entry within
Unless you penetrate him

None can feel warmth of you
Unless you expect from

None can dip into the heart
Unless you flow within

Can l breath within you
Unless l kill myself
Into the cell of yours?

…That Tools Our End

When l flow, flow and flow
Into you
When you break , break and break
My subject
When you draw, draw and draw
Towards you
When l leave, leave and leave
When you seek, seek and seek
Utmost all
When l give, give and give
Nothing left

But you and me
Never seen
A single pin within us that tools our end…