poems by Mridha Alauddin

poems by Mridha Alauddin

poems by Mridha Alauddin

Translated by : Anwar Hossain Manju


To me you are like an old mirror, with seven colours and six graces.


The first memories return like a moonless night, pitch-black in my heart.

A Few Moments

I saw you other day In the mirror like twilight, just for a few moments.

I Weep

My eyes are like monsoon month Even now my heart weeps All day-long, every moment.

Death the great

(Translated by- Asgar Talukder)

The Path lingerie approaching thousands of months
love and numberless nights kindle in the garden of flowers;
The Sun runs for the dawn
comes perfection.
Yet, comes death

And death blazes in the sky
in the fly
and in the houses everyday.

Earnest Desires

O my benumbed tongue! Cry that heart
out like Musa
For my earnest desire is to ales orbed
In the beautified evening song.

Go, and cross the sea in front
And turn back no more;
There wait the ash sheen
eyes of the lovesick.

The caretaker is not a fragile glass,
like a mammoth iron rod
He opens the gate
The sky
the morning
the full of bright radiance.

O sweet South wind!
Fly towards the garden of celestial flowers
and come back with the butterfly, petals and
musky fragrance
That will miraculously move me again and again.

Man’s Cultivation

(Translated by- M. Shawkat Ali)

And I will build the of the home
With a piece of sun
Admissible doc … fresh floor.

I will cover my body with the hue of the twilight;
I will buy milk
proved the beauty of day’s of truth,
I will cook and eat, soup. Broken hot sun
the moral excellence of air.

The sky of light
The milk cow
And far away, greatly high hill tract’s Path
Growing fruit trees.

Sun going Mind

Walking briskly in front of me
Bunch of beautiful proved sun of truth;
several mirror’s and glasses’…

And I still chew orange juice
deep moonlight…
Through conditioned embracing
under the shade trees…

My impatient curious mind goes on
Like a bunch of beautiful proved sun of truth.