Story: Sinner Land

Story: Sinner Land

Sinner Land

Sania Meheryn

This was the hundred and forty-second time Haden dropped on his knees, a few feet away from God. ‘Please,’ he begged, ‘Send me to the world one last time!’ The mansion was a color of red. And every angels knew that God was getting angry. The angels questioned themselves but they didn’t knew what Haden wanted.

‘No’ — was God’s answer.

‘Please,’ he begged again. He won’t give up. They knew. But there isn’t any one person who would like to return to earth after he was sent to the most peaceful place — the Heaven. God’s voice roared. The mansion shook. But would he give up?

‘I still have something to do!’ Haden cried. ‘They are in pain. The innocent souls! Don’t you want them to be back to you and rest in peace?’

God said that he’s going to handle this. Haden need not to. He said that everything is planned. He said that everybody will rest in peace one day. One day. ‘Don’t give up, don’t give up,’ Haden’s mind screamed.

‘Please, let me…’ His eyelids fell, his head fell low. His forehead touched the ground. He let his tears roll down. He was upset. He cried. The mansion turned to a dark navy blue, the angels saw that the God was sad too. God can’t let a man from heaven get crushed like this. God sighed.

“What do you want to do, boy?” God asked. Haden looked up. His face was under the rain. He was tired of all. He was tired of everything. He spoke, his voice strong yet shaky. He said with so much strength, so much feelings.

‘I am going to stop them. I am going to stop your so called “humans” from torturing your real ones. They are hurting. They are begging, praying. They are innocent!’ His voice raised with every word. ‘I am disgusted! The sinners don’t know the life yet. They are just living up to their happiness, their satisfaction. You just can’t let them prove the innocent fellows wrong and finish them one by one. You can’t…” Haden’s head dropped on the concrete as he let out a loud sob. ‘Y-you can’t…’

People like Haden didn’t need to work for melting God’s heart. God had enough of his begging. The angels could not figure out why was Haden so desperate to save those alive humans from their suffering when he had already left the world.

The world was a cruel place. People were selfish. But nobody could prove that right. Haden had brothers in there. His brothers were all over the world. Weren’t they good enough to achieve a percentage in Heaven? But the brothers were not strong enough to fight the sinners. They were stronger. And Haden worried about that. He wanted to jumped right into the earth and blow away all those bad guys just to see the good ones happy. He used to think that everyone deserved to be an angel. But sins were not for covering up. He could see the innocent people suffering and dying but their souls could not just reach God because the sinners locked them up. And he wanted to break the cell.

‘I am afraid you will lose your place in heaven once you leave,’ God had spoken! Haden looked into the pearls that God had for His eyes. Haden cracked a small smile that was so sad yet full of success.

‘Thank you. I promise I will save the world. I will break the cells and release the souls so they can return to you. I will show the sinners that good men are the ones to win the world. It turned out to be a cruel place. But I will never mind to change that.’

God was satisfied with his answer and looked at his many beautiful angels and said, ‘Send him to the living place.’ And two of them walked forward, picked Haden up by his arms and legs and they carried him to the very edge of the mansion. It was the begining of a new life for him. That was the wish to be fulfilled. The angels threw Haden away. He was falling, falling and falling until his body touched the land. He was lying next to his grave. He returned to the sinner land.