Poem by Anjali Denandee Mom

Poem by Anjali Denandee Mom

She – they

She is a barefoot lady.
She is ever ready.
She walks walks and walks
On the beach.
It is near of her shelter.
She has a pet dog and a bitch.
Every year, they give her
Many many puppies.
She has many pet ducks.
They give her
So many eggs.
She knits and sales sweaters.
So many people come on the beach.
They purchase her sweaters.
She sales puppies.
She sales eggs.
So many people beg.
But she never begs.
Once upon a time, at past,
She was a very poor woman.
Then she had no money,
Yet she couldn’t beg.
Then she became too funny.
Then, she realized that, money,
Yes, it……must…Must….Must……
So, she decided to earn money.
And now, yes, she can.
Now, yes, she is rich.
Her footprints are deleted by waves, always.
But her walking is never stopped on her ways.
Just like the waves of the ocean.
All are coming again and again…
Waves are, were, now and then…
And “She”…”They”…Are, were now and then…

We are looking

At lonely new moon night.
In deep darkness,
The stars are too bright.
The sky, endless.
I love it’s endlessness.
We are looking to each other now,
From very far.
A star,
Now coming down towards me, very fast.
I wish at this moment,
“Hey almighty!
Gift me ever eternal enjoyment!
In it, i wish to live!”
Just in front of me, it vanishes, at last.
I cannot see it now.
I feel something is on my nighty.
Yes, on it’s right-sleeve,
Here is a diamond, star shape.
It is on my dress’s tape.
Just near of my right shoulder.
I take it in my palm, now.
I am it’s holder.
How nice it is! How! How! How!
In untouchable darkness,
It is very beautiful, yes.
The darkness and I
We are looking it
With unknown sense.
I realize that it is gifted me by the sky.
I put it on my chest.
And say,
The diamond! Can you feel my heart beat?”
Then my sense,
It says, ” It has no feeling,
So it can make you the richest.”
I think that why it has no feeling?
Then my feeling says,
“It is nothing but a stone.
Though it is gifted as love relation,
Yet it has no feeling.”
Then the darkness says,
It is the life’s most important lesson,
That diamond has no own love, own, own, own.”
Then my mind says,
“Why? It’s really unknown.”
Then my brain says,
“Now you know it, know!
That love is not in materialistic wealth. No.”


A very old woman.
Once upon a time,
She ran and ran….
On the big ground.
Then she heard high clapping sound
Of her every fan.
Her game power was recited by children
As book’s rhyme.
She was game gem then.
Sport was her heart beats.
All young hearts were her loving-seats.
But accidentally she lost her two legs.
And now she begs and begs…
Eats food from road’s drain.
Now she lost her memories in brain.
Now she is homeless.
She has no own address.
Nobody know own future, yes.