Poems by-Gaffar Mahmud

Poems by-Gaffar Mahmud

Onway Crying, The struggle men

(Translated into Bengali by Alam Mahbub)

The face of rapacious humans are being bitten by the fleshing pindal, the defenseless females, Ghoulish bestiality,
Alienated beasts and demons,
Mentally decay
And flame of lust and conniption are burning, and also burning countless the ruinous eyes.

Wearing the shells of clothing the impotent being
And there’s out yelled to the sky,
And the throne of God dithered
This is the oath to god ‘ avaunt the demons, ‘
Sisters weeping ; and screaming out chest the mom!

O’ the beings do you know where to hide my facec I can.

At Dibrugarh, A Train Passenger Poet

The Assam tea garden is surrounded by the endless greened
This is the sunshine-rain, hide-and-seek the clouds
Chlorophylls esprit and twinned leafs in a tea treed ;

Ku-jhikjhik whistle and close by the train line.

Kuhu calling bird fly and siting pair to the high treed
the tea and the labourers mingled in unison at colonizes

Temperate Dibrugarh, the edge of the railways the lovely path makes a peek at the memorise frame.
The river adjoins the city

The poet also seek the chest of Dhanshinry into the icy mist dawn and covers the visible paths.

Uncle Atulananda Das let out the breathed the dearer Barisal left behind ; the urban parh ghats still that the very Das house and how are you Milu!

Fascinating Jibonanando Das how long have you spent in confliction and with the rhythm of the poems to an unknown city Dibrugarh.