Poems by- Aliza khatun

Poems by- Aliza khatun


Translated by Prottoy Hamid

The insinuating soul that I possess
Never quests for a painless life
And you can make me a partner of your long journey.

God has blessed you with art-
The art you can use
And enlighten an engulfed world.

Now let us move and cultivate
Some fruitful talks
Leaving the shore of broken hearts behind.

Still some meaningful words play around!
Hear, oh dear
Hear the sound of building a bridge nearby.

There you see the tired passersby
Wait to cross the bridge.
You’ll take me there. Will you?


Inside my heart still I cherish
The desire to go back to my root
and to my blood
I left long ago!

There the growing dreams
Play with the dust and marbles
And the cozy sun witnesses
The fly of chaff from the paddy

And gallant doves are the enterprises
In all darkness of life
And the endearing quilt covers the sickness
And where the scent of birth is mixed
Every stitch
There I will return
And this is my promise to me.