Poems by-Ahmed Jamil

Poems by-Ahmed Jamil

Dream of Love

My name is barry
I am crazy about mary
She give me true love
I know this is not bluff
One day we will be married
Then I never have to worry
One day we’ll be old
Our love is like pure gold.


I have stept in my motherland
I have crossed vast sea and desert of sand
I lived in foreign land for long for long years
All try to become foreigner in my eyes of the seers
A crow can’t be peacock by wearing it’s feathers
I am happy to come back to my motherland
Where I have met my relative and friends
For kamala ,Maya, Juthika I had tension
they are married and gone to unknowing destination
I have seen the blooming lotus in the tank
To see the beauty sight I sat on the bank
I’ve seen green plants moving loneliness
i am alone unguarded with no business
I feel very much happy in my native village
I am surrounded by trees and green foliage.

The River of Sorrow

I took my birth
On a clam day here on quiet earth
After crossing many days I grown up
I have not yet tasted love
I have got sorrow and sufferings
Mingled with injury, Insult and cheating
I hope the bird of happiness would come flying
I found myself in a pit of lying
I sought peace in agonizing pain
But all attempts went in vain
I dive deep into the sea of thinking
I like to see my birth day returning
That day was cliam and silent
The sorrow of the river was found alesent.