Poems by- Chandan Biswas

Poems by- Chandan Biswas

The man who l want to …

The man who l want to kill is none but myself
The shark of the Earth, devoures all in it’s mouth
The dog who bites others
No cause but feeling jealous
The snake that deceives Adam
Only to fix it’s own point
The fox that cheats humane
So well none can doubt it’s trickery
The crocodile that shades tears
Just to pretend it’s false sympathy

The man who l want to burn is none but mine disguised self…

But they do forget…

They do the sin, the rape
At the gun point
To show that, they are the last word
Of this Earth

But they do forget the real truth
The people do spit them even then
They hear of them…

I played the guitar

I played the guitar
You gifted me the strings
The straight hairs golden red

I played the tune
You emailed me the note last night

I played the song you composed me
The longing belongs between us
The loneliness l gifted you…

I just advertise …

Miscellaneous l do everywhere
But do nothing at all
I want to show my abilities
Without any fruitful cause

Me, the best among all
You the cheapest every point
I just advertise my own …

Your honesty

Your honesty deceives me
So l can trust you
I know how to make me a true world
Penetrating your honest ring
I want not to be Avimanyu
But to be your Machiavelli
Don’t be hopeless
I will…