Poems by Mrinmoy Mukherjee

Poems by Mrinmoy Mukherjee


I shall exit sometime and your role also will be over.
There will be no light, sound and action if the stage breaks suddenly.
If it isn’t, tomorrow a new day, a new challenge and a new role.
The thought of success or failure will book the room beforehand.
The gallery may forget your face but your performance will be
Your identity. Name and fame is but a camphor if you don’t
Perform honestly. My dear, listen to me. Don’t make yourself
Marginalized in narrow lines. Beyond it Great hands are to
Support you. Don’t look at the ground. Look at the vast, limitless sky.
No boundary, no wall, no calculation, no profit is there.
Marginalized trees also grow with a hope of greatness.
My dear, think no more because so long there be a script,
There will be performance.
But many scripts don’t reach to the final sentence.

Morning in the Country

Earth looks more beautiful in the country,
When the sun gives her maiden tint.
All the objects of nature wrapped with greenery,
Mind thanks eyes for enjoying such sight.
Trees wake up with the contact of breeze,
Crops dance with breeze’s whispering note.
In the smokeless air the sky sees her face
On the crystal water- a canvas of earthly paradise.

All hearts seem busy in the world of fancy,
So, flowers are still virgin, free from greed.
River flows willingly to the estuary,
No boats are there to disturb her mind.

Beauty in silence, no performance starts on the stage,
Only cuckoos play flute in the off-stage.