Poems by- Moumita Mitra

Poems by- Moumita Mitra


Hope is like an evening of the winter
The light turns off slowly ;
It turns off to the extent
Where one learns
No light in the opposite
Is waiting for you.

I don’t understand why!

I love to feel lonesome
Failing to accept,
To adjust;

I just don’t know why I wait!

The darkness moves at a slow pace
From dusk to night
Reminding you of lost hope.
I learn that,
I haven’t learnt yet to move on;

I just don’t know why!

It seems I fail to know why!

The Yew Tree

Sing for me
And let us have a long walk
With your song in the silent afternoons of summer
Let a yew tree spread its roots
In the dreams we share;
The flowers of days and night
In the green wraps of branches and leaves
Will leave their chores
And give light to the puzzled giant
Who made the rivers forget their course
When they crossed his path;
With the nurturing yews
We’ll transform into fossils,
The blurry evenings of
Our weak palms and heavy lids
Will narrate its youngs, living
And harbouring our dreams
Somewhere in the riverbed.

An ordinary Evening and a Night

When the Lilies bloom slowly
One hand comes near the other
And then issues some friction.
Sleeplessness sometimes is a blessing
If there is a darling face;
Otherwise barenness mourns,
Reminding of days of storm.
But then, our smiles know no voice
To tell you to feel…
The night rolls by
With such songs from the dead
Till dew drops set for a new blue moon.