Poems by- Subir Sarkar

Poems by- Subir Sarkar

Poems by- Subir Sarkar

[Translated by- Arani Guha Neogi]


Writing about a broken realtion song
Circus tiger comes lowering his head
At the sawmill

From yours cheeks dimple
And foreheads curves looking the
Pandemic vulture


In the full moons light i just sit back and decorate the death
Deaths flute is being played
I walk over the asylum and we came back to our death
Now the person who is ruling, is being ruled.
Cry now feels like a blanket of relief
Cry is now like a sand surface of a ocean
Now getting lost is nothing mindblow for me
Now with Distance and silentness i arrange the death


Mocking and fun always stay
I see palm and orange
Blankness under blankness
Under all the topics
I gave back my letter
Assailant and spear
under thr cloud