Poems by- Deepayan Pathak

Poems by- Deepayan Pathak

Poems by- Deepayan Pathak
Translated by- Arani Guha Neogi


Its like a dream island, blackhole
Swalloing every hopes of ours
Sucking every bit of sweat, sperm
Cant reach the height of our destiny
So ours wings are being fallen

Travelling into deep darkness
With a displeasure condition


I look for a new hunt of a fearless deer
sometimes at the forest or in the towns end path
and get passed by many types of country
but then also scar left on my tiredless legs

when i see the river i stand suddenly
i wash off the historic algae from my body
and turns myself like a sparkling snail
and then i spread of my perfume in trust of the wind

and then one day you came
with the wet kiss which is unfullfilled
then also my lips turns dry in this advanced town
and then the unborned morphin got pasted in my lips


This dead bodys smell is nothing new
In this dead world
Flag has been burned so long ago
Smoke like fogs

In between the battleground
Thousands invisible soldiers

Still caught the weapon
With my full power