Poem by- Akash Mamon

Poem by- Akash Mamon

Barbed wire

Not only once twice thrice many times
love burnt

Boyhood love, Immature love matured

Love has a lifetime like life
Love finds an end like life-New flood

Still feels a haul somewhere-

Suddenly the life-bell rings in a haul
A love-lost man can only realize the
torment of a homeless man

Like a homeless migratory bird due to the
fury of winter

The bird withal go back to home-
thousand miles away
There is an impermeable barbed wire
wall in the broken heart
The smell of thousands of old flowers
come to the far land
By crossing border-gathers thousands of
memories by the name of ancestor

The maverick mind comes back after
getting pawned to a unseen heavy wall

The sentinel’s rifle points to the chest in