Poems by- Tapas Dey

Poems by- Tapas Dey

Vernal rejoice

Winter is gone unperceived,
Yet, flabby touch of winter
Still in the air.

Rest is under covering and uncovering,
a good freakish play.

From the facade,
caught in the eyes of the poet,
full of excessive delight outside,
nature is in fancy fair,
everywhere festler wind,
and frisky is the festival
of the day,
trees and plants with exuberant foliage
in the vernal touch.

Oh God,
my rejoice knows no bound,
I’m in love again.

My curiosity

So many stars at night,
which one who is already dead?
God says, “The pole star “.

So many stars at night,
which one I’m, not known to me.
God says.”Enjoy the death first.”

Please !

“Stop !”
An instruction of the fresh
red rose,
“Learn, how to love a
real love?
Then, if willing at all
pluck me.”