Poem by- Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Poem by- Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah


Scorching summer sun blisters all earthen lively corpus,
Goats leave whiff through their nose to eat dusty grass.
Dogs restlessly intend to get relaxed anyhow by dribbling;
Summer drops through the tongue even their tails wagging.

Aquatic animals restlessly leap on heated swamp-water,
Making no delay all fishermen-boat quickly run after there
Wiping sweat sunburnt hunters take the fish-fork handed;
Village wives enfold their shari with spinach they collected.

Trailing the sun working days return in their frequent turn.
While leaves down in a bow having kissed by parting sun.
Day workers go back home buying minimum necessaries,
Even though Bengali struggle hard hand to mouth liabilities.

Night remains darker too by hearing bad calling of blind owl,
Hungry baby mouths empty breast making nonstop howl.