Poems by- Saleha Chowdhury

Poems by- Saleha Chowdhury

Moonlight Sonata

A house by the tree or tree by the house?
I was confused, lost in maze!
Amaze! A moonlight sonata!
I have found you Natasha.

A World of Her Own

A music in the disc,
A floral lamp shining
Unbuttoned my computer’s shirt
On her broad chaste
Writing and more writing!
Lone milkyway, faraway moon
A Queen on her throne.


All our theories are grey
The golden tree of life is evergreen’
Goethe says, German by all means.

Odd Couple

On every Sunday
Sagan and ancient Satre shared
A cosy feast
One is blind, one is love-linchpin.


What does a shore says to the sea?
How far you go
You always come back to me.

Cleaverer Than Us

Swans and geese are cleaver animals
Separate milk from water
At once

No Love

Eliot the poet and Vivien
Decided to live separately
Agreed to get a divorce
But did they ever live together
And rejoice.