Poems by— Ahmed Jamil

Poems by— Ahmed Jamil

Restless Soul

Striving hard after much difficulty
A stranger arrived at N.Y. City
He secured a job through a broker
He works hard as sincere worker
He left his motherland in search of food
He crossed the atlantic for a livelihood
His country passing in chaos and confusion
He was compelled to stop education
Political disturbance and civil strife
Has made miserable innocent life
Women have lost all their attributes
Hunger and poverty made them prostitutes
He know many people changed their fates
As settlers in the united states
He got rid of poverty to live in bounty
The stranger decided to settle in the country.

Not Man

Mankind means man is generally kinda
But kindness has gone from man
A children was born as pure as flower
But circumstances made him cruel
Instead of doing what is good is satisfying morbid motives
They are derailed
They are victims of circumstances
Don’t uproot their eyes
or kill them taking law in hand
Try to bring them in the right path
They are also members of the society
They drifted away from social stream
We should try to establish them in the society by care and
Nourishment, Setting exmaples of flowers and music
Capital punishment jails and torture can’t rectify them
Try to bring them back with love care and tolerance.

The Children

We see stray children are looking for something
They collect pieces of paper from the dustbin
They children of our country are clad in tatters
They try to collect food from dustbin
The poor country has perpetual drought and famine
They mothers can’t feed them
Father left his mother
If they were born in europe or usa
He could go to school wearing fine garments
Food, Cloth and shelter are out of their reach
They fight with street dogs and cats on the road to collect food
This beautiful world will not change their fates.