Poems by- Papri Guha Neogi

Poems by- Papri Guha Neogi

Poems by- Papri Guha Neogi

(Translated by- Arani Guha Neogi)


With powers and rules you are borned
I heard all saying
Without religious activites politics cant take place

Then come addiction story
Whcih spoil everyones life
And make them unable to protest
Like pain in the drying wounds

Showing us all the porn movies and talking about the born list
Or you cant stay in the country

And now you all are
Making all of us fight between us
Like a hen fight

And we are fool citizens
Walking every step under pain
Going inside the ditension camp


You left the town and gone
But my address didnt changed

Now i walk at the dead end into the darkness
In this age also sadness

Oh, thats my pet cat


You are first in women traffiking
Are proud in your mafia politics.

Many tranquilizer you are throwing inside the morgh

Who will save The gita, The bible, or The quran

Cry and pen relation there is a mess

Under bloodness they decorated the body
Like a candle

And we are yours immovable rock.