Poems by- Aliza khatun

Poems by- Aliza khatun

Poems by-
Aliza khatun

Translated by-Haikal Hashmi

A Strip of Sunlight

There were still some sleepleft in the eyes of the dawn
While opening the window I saw –
Thebook I was reading last night
Still lying wide open.

A strip of sunlight fell upon
The black words of the opened pages,
The warmth and the sunrays made the alphabets alive
The words and sentences became active one after another,
Every chapters like the hamlets of habitats
Indifferentfrom the color of darkness
Became clear and more intense and turned into ebony black.

As the day grows
The body of words become intense bright and sharp.

The dark black bodies made of coal,
Glittering embers here and there
They are standing in queues covering white sheet
And becoming harder and harder by
Burning in the severe heat ofdiscrimination.

The suffocation of Floyd
The reverberation of that painful suffocating breaths
Glued to their chests,
The protests go on and go on
And climbed down from the white pages to the busy highways.

I Want You Back At Any Cost

I have collected well-nourished flowers
To garland the neck of your vastness.

In such an occasion you are leaving
Far away by painting the heart with sorrow.
Won’t I see your divine face anymore?

The long nights will be unending
The whips of darkness will lash out on my shoulder
Still Ineed to stand at the edge of the land of endurance.

You may drain out some agitated flood
By digging a channel in your eyes or
You may store dreamy interlude
By digging beneath the depth of your heart,
In whatever way you while away your time
But do not allow to crumble your knees.

You have to stand
On your two feet by counting on your grit.

The golden destination—
It will not be happy only with the mark of foot prints
It wants the strong thread stitched in the quilt of decision.
Repeatedly I am listening from the heart of the mirror:
You should be standing and enduring at any cost.